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Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Do you have an estate plan that reflects your current situation, desires, and assets? Have you named guardians for your children and chosen people you trust to make decisions for you if the need arises? Would someone in your life benefit from a special needs or life insurance trust?

Probate & Trust Administration

Are you the executor, successor trustee, or beneficiary under a will or trust? Do you have questions about your rights and responsibilities under a will or trust? Are you concerned that a loved one may need a conservator or are you a conservator?


I look forward to working with you to settle your dispute. Let me help you to resolve the problem through a process that is fair and impartial. I will take the time to hear your position so that the process is satisfying and successful. Use my conference rooms or yours. I can handle smaller matters. Choose a mediator who has actually run a mediation program! Let me reduce your stress and legal expenses.

Business Law

Do you need to form, operate, or manage a limited liability company, corporation, or partnership. Do you have in place a business succession plan?

Elder Law